Penida Island is a small island located in the south of Bali. With a distance of about 45 minutes using a fast boat from the port of Sanur. This island has a very beautiful beach view. Penida Island is a paradise for tourists seeking beach beauty. Beautiful beaches and beautiful coral reefs make tourists also able to embrace snorkeling and diving activities.

The center of Nusa Penida beach tourist destinations are located in the western, eastern and southern regions. From the southern area of Banah Cliffs, Temeling Natural Pool and Segaring Waterfall. The area to the west of Broken Beach, Angel Billabong, Love Tree / Love Pinkie, Pinkie Swing, Klingking Beach, Cliff Manger and Crystal Bay and east of Atuh Beach, Suwehan beach, Bukit teletubbies nusa penida and Goa Giri Putri and Dewi Kwan im Temple.

Currently there are many hotels and home stays in Nusa Penida area along with the crowds of tourists who visit this place every day. For tourists who want to longer on the island of Penida, we suggest to choose a place to stay like a hotel or bungalow that in the Nusa Penida area. already has a lot of cooperation with hotels or bungalows there.

Plan your trip to Nusa Penida and Exploring the Island. We have prepared improvements such as fast boat tickets, snorkeling or diving activities and hotel or bungalow accommodation if you are a tourist who wants to stay more than one day at Nusa Penida.


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